For information on NACHC Pulse Satisfaction Tool or Exit Pulse Exit Interview Tool, visit the NACHC Pulse webpage.

Annual Process:

  1. Spring – WACMHC collect names of CHCs who wish to participate and what tool(s) they wish to purchase and forward to NACHC
  2. NACHC send Subscription Agreement to CHC participants
  3. Staff Pulse users, collect survey data between July and October
  4. Staff Pulse users receive Annual report in the Fall from Insightlink Communications
  5. Exit Pulse users can use it with departing employees any time throughout the year
  6. Exit Pulse users can access survey results throughout the year
  7. An annual report is sent to the Board

For more information, contact:

  • Abbie Chandler-Doran, , 206 546 4026
  • Beth Kujawski, NACHC,  

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