Federal Level Advocacy

The Washington Association for Community Health promotes public policies to increase access to health care and reduce the number of uninsured people in our state.

This endeavor inherently entails engaging our congressional leaders and thanks to broad bipartisan support from Congress, Washington Health Centers serve as the health care home in medically underserved communities throughout the State of Washington.

Since passage of the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans have benefited from the important changes brought by health care reform and we look forward to even more improvements coming in January 2014, with Medicaid expansion and our online insurance marketplaceā€”the Health Benefit Exchange.

Congressional leaders have demonstrated a commitment to low-income and other populations by increasing funding to Community Health Centers (CHCs) and primary care physicians. Health Center grantees in Washington have received over $79 million to support ongoing health center operations and to establish new health center sites, expand services, and/or support major capital improvement projects.

The Washington Association for Community Health works closely with the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) to advocate for CHCs at the federal level. In doing so, we work to maintain strong relationships with our federal delegation to ensure CHC programs are reauthorized; appropriations are increased; and Medicaid payments are improved. For more information about the federal policies The Association supports in conjunction with NACHC.