Seattle Indian Health Board
Salary: $24.00/hour
Provide nursing services with culturally sensitive care. Interact with patients from a variety of socioeconomic levels and ethnic groups and provide health promotion and disease prevention activities.


1. Employee Health Nurse:
· Work closely with HR to meet with each new employee within 2 days of hire; work with new hires to complete employee health requirements within 10 days of hire.
· Manage current employee health data and update current list of employees as dictated by HR New Hire memos.
· Manage annual TB screening updates for All Staff.
· Manage Flu vaccination records for All Staff.

2. Infection Control Officer:
· Provide Infection Control training at New Hire Orientation meetings on a monthly basis;
· Provide safe injection practice training for medical staff
· Provide annual re-training to All Staff on relevant infection control updates at quarterly All Staff In-Service Meetings.
· Act as a Management-appointed member of the Safety Committee and also attend Quality Care Committee (QCC) meetings.
· Complete yearly reports to Quality Care Committee (QCC).
· Complete quarterly environmental surveillance of entire clinic.
· Oversee sterilization process and conduct re-training of medical staff on infection control, hand hygiene, and sharps usage competency when necessary.
· Ensure proper hazardous disposal and infection control adherence of All Staff.
· Facilitate reporting, risk assessment, and medical follow up for employee environmental exposures.

3. Triage:
· Triage patients by phone or in person; assess injury or sickness and need for emergency/medical attention. Schedule appointments; follow up with appropriate staff providers as needed.

4. Motivational Interviewing Strategies and Techniques:
· Utilize Motivational Interviewing techniques to assist individuals with developing the rationale for creating change in their lives and help our clients understand themselves.

5. Other duties as assigned included but not limited to: follow-up labs, immunizations, and patient care management.


Education: Graduate of an accredited school of Nursing
· Excellent oral and written communication skills, in addition to organizational and critical thinking skills.
· Proven ability to manage time by prioritizing tasks appropriately and independently.
· Leadership qualities with positive interpersonal relationship skills.
· Ability to make initial assessments on the health condition of patients and to prepare, perform and/or administer a variety of medications, test and treatments.
· Ability to counsel and educate patients from a variety of socioeconomic levels and ethnic groups while maintaining respect and sensitivity to the needs and feelings of patients.
· Experience with Electronic Medical Records system.
· Experience in Ambulatory health care and Community health nursing.
· Experience working with the unique healthcare needs and social issues facing American Indians/Alaska Natives and the desire to promote the delivery of appropriate health services to this population.
License: Current Registered Nurse (RN) license in the state of Washington, current CPR/First Aid card. Driver’s license and use of insured vehicle.
Location: Seattle, WA


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