Valley View Health Center
Job Description: This position is responsible for the care of the patients who present themselves to the clinic with or without appointments and provides counseling and patient teaching either in person or on the telephone. The ultimate goal is the restoration of the patient to their optimal health statue and to give them the awareness to practice safe sound health habits.

This position also provides clinical support services to the nurse practitioner, physician assistant, and physician in delivery of care as a member of the PCHM Care Team to VVHC clients. Duties include preparation of clients for the room, basic laboratory testing, and measurement of vital signs, referral to community resources/specialists, and are active leaders for the Care Team which participates in pre-visit huddles.

This position is also responsible for the day to day operations of the Walk-In Clinic. The Walk-In Clinic nurse is also responsible for supervising Medical Assistants i.e. interviewing, training, conducting introductory and yearly evaluations, editing and collecting time cards and keeping track of MA schedules. It will require communicating effectively with the Clinic Manager and Assistant Medical Director taking into consideration the needs of the clinic, viewpoints of the staff, and communicate in a positive way the views of administration to the staff. This person will be the “right hand” support of the providers assigned to the clinic and offer support services to the Assistant Medical Director of the Walk-In Clinic. They report to the Clinic Manager and Assistant Medical Director. This person supervises staff per organizational chart with varying degrees of supervision required.
Location: Centralia, WA


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