Valley View Health Center
Job Description: 1. The Behavioral Health Care Coordinator will support and closely coordinate behavioral health care with the patient’s primary care provider and provide immediate support to Valley View Health Center medical providers with patients who are in crisis situations.
2. Screen and assess patients for, and provide patient education about, common mental and substance abuse disorders and available treatment options.
3. Valley View Health Center’s Behavioral Health Care Coordinators monitor clients (in person or by telephone) for changes in clinical symptoms and treatment side effects or complications.
4. Support psychotropic medication management prescribed by PCPs, focusing on treatment adherence, attention to side effects, and effectiveness of treatment and complete relapse prevention plans with clients who are in remission.
5. Ideal Behavioral Health Care Coordinators provide brief intervention using evidence‐based techniques such as behavioral activation, motivational interviewing, or other relevant skills.
6. Conduct regularly scheduled caseload consultation with the consulting team psychiatrist and communicate resulting treatment recommendations to the patient’s PCP.
7. All members of the Behavioral Health Care Team facilitate patient engagement and follow‐up in mental health care and referrals for clinically indicated services outside the primary care clinic (e.g., social services such as housing assistance, vocational rehabilitation, substance abuse treatment).
8. The Behavioral Health Care Coordinator facilitates treatment plan changes for patients who are not improving as expected in consultation with the PCP and the team psychiatrist. These may include changes in medications or psychosocial treatments or appropriate referrals for additional services.

Bulleted list of job requirements (licensure, certifications)
Masters in Counseling or Clinical Psychology or Social Work REQUIRED
Current Washington licensure REQUIRED
Basic operating knowledge of computers; comfortable working within an electronic health record system.
Ability to read and interpret complex documents,
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Ability to make quick and accurate clinical assessments of mental and behavioral conditions,
Work in a team environment.
Location: Toledo/Chehalis/Onalaska WA


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