International Community Health Services (ICHS)
Job Description: Summary
This position serves as a member of the Executive Team and is responsible for leadership and management of operations, compliance, facilities, emergency preparedness and human resources. Leads planning, development and implementation of policies, procedures, programs, and services. Oversee the following programs: compliance & risk management, human resources, and medical/dental clinic operations, including WIC and First Steps; the infection control program; facilities; comprehensive care management and emergency preparedness & response. This position carries a high degree of responsibility and judgment in overseeing the provision of high quality services on an ongoing basis, including in times of emergencies.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Participates with the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Team to lead implementation of ICHS’ mission, goals and values; engages in strategic and business planning and implementation; and leads and/or participates in key initiatives, meetings and committees. Keeps abreast with healthcare and community health clinic policies, trends and best practices. Interacts with the ICHS Board of Directors as assigned.
• Oversees the planning, development, implementation, and continuous improvement of ICHS clinical operations to meet the needs of patients, clients and other customers. Works closely with the Director of Operations, Chief Medical Officer, Medical Director, Dental Director, Health Services & Community Programs Director, Human Resources Manager, Quality Improvement Manager and the Compliance Officer & Risk Manager on compliance, risk management, quality improvement, patient safety and health, and overseeing staffing and workforce development and program development.
• Directs, evaluates and monitors performance of Clinic Operations, Compliance and Risk Management, Human Resources, and Facilities supervisory staff. Evaluates the quality and cost-effectiveness of staffing and service delivery; collaborates with other departments and organizations regarding resources and services for improved patient care and employee development.
• Shares leadership in managed care and care model implementation and works closely with the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Financial Officer for excellent care in conjunction with financial sustainability.
• Serves as the Facilities Security Officer which include: a) Developing, implementing, maintaining and monitoring Facility Security and Privacy policies and procedures to ensure compliance; b) Ensuring that all areas where PHI is kept are secure and compliant with HIPAA/HITECH regulations; c) Auditing facility practices (access to secure PHI disposal, timely response to issues that compromise security) to ensure that environment of care is HIPAA/HITECH compliant; and d) Recommending and implementing changes around privacy and security issues as needed..
• Oversees the planning and implementation of new clinic sites, service lines or physical improvements to current sites. Activities include, but are not exclusive to, schematic design, construction and implementation which includes workflow, ADA compliance, technology planning and coordination with key stakeholders.
• Provides oversight of managed care contracts implementation and support linkages to clinic operations.
• In collaboration with the Chief Medical Officer, Medical Director and Dental Director provides oversight of Compliance, Risk Management and Infection Control Programs to ensure compliance to appropriate regulatory entities and clinical standards, ICHS policies and procedures.
• Oversees Clinic Operations, Nutrition Services, Human Resources, Compliance, Risk Management, Facilities, Emergency Preparedness, Infection Control and Comprehensive Care Management programs and activities including oversight of contracted services, vendors, quality control and quality improvement functions, reporting and other required documentation in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
• Oversees clinical facilities, the selection and maintenance of major and minor medical equipment, and the maintenance and safety of all facilities. Works closely with the Director of Operations and the Chief Financial Officer on liability, leasing, contracting and other issues. In conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer, oversees the work of consultants and contractors for building maintenance and repairs.
• Oversees clinical emergency preparedness and business continuity plans, including updates to the ICHS Emergency Preparedness Plan, participation and coordination with countywide preparedness, ensuring emergency preparedness with drills and supplies as appropriate, leading or participating in emergency responses, and preparing reports as required; and work closely with the Emergency Management Committee.
• Ensures compliance with requirements of all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and rules; participates and works closely with ICHS Compliance Committee to identify areas of need including the development of policies and procedures, training, monitoring compliance and ensuring audits are conducted as required. Leads the Clinic Compliance Committee. Oversees the preparation of required federal, state, other governmental and other funding and/or contractual reports as required.
• Partners with Executive leadership in the development of a Teaching Health Center and provides administrative oversight for Residency and other Teaching Programs.
• Ensures sound fiscal operations of all ICHS clinic sites and facilities including timely, accurate, and comprehensive development of an annual budget and its implementation.
• Works closely with the Chief Medical Officer, Medical Director, Dental Director, Director of Operations and Health Services and Community Programs Director for effective, efficient and integrated patient services. Oversees implementation of system wide population management and care coordination.
• Oversees workforce planning and development, staffing, performance evaluation, safety and health, training and other human resources systems and matters through direction of the Human Resources Manager.
• Oversees departmental budgeting, equipment planning, staffing ratios, efficiency, and cost control initiatives.
• Provides support to the Chief Executive Officer in carrying out ICHS programs, policies, and activities; assists CEO with initiatives, projects and assignments; acts when assigned on behalf of the CEO; serves on the ICHS Executive and Management teams, and other committees as appropriate.
• Represents ICHS in state, regional or local communities or task forces as assigned.
• Lead programs and employees, hire, train, assign workload/projects, monitor and evaluate performance, initiate corrective and/or disciplinary actions, and perform all other related leadership functions.
• Set the direction, create linkages among programs and departments, lead staff and establish targets necessary to achieve the strategies and mission of ICHS in empowering staff and promoting a work environment of service, teamwork and respect. Direct the deployment of strategies and goals throughout the department and ICHS. Work respectfully and courteously with other employees, follow direction and work well under pressure.
• Hold employees accountable for accident prevention and reporting in compliance with WA State L&I regulations and ICHS Safety and Health Program. Ensure that all safety and health rules, standards and procedures are observed; conduct regular self-inspections; arrange for, conduct and ensure that accident investigations of all accidents occurred; monitor and enforce ICHS Safety and Health Program and actively support and participate in the Emergency Preparedness Program and tasks.
• Ensure employees are responsible and accountable in complying with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, ICHS policies and procedures including ICHS Privacy, Security and Compliance policies and procedures, Code of Conduct, and Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).
• Actively participate in Quality Improvement program and activities; initiate Quality projects and/or process improvement to attain quality service delivery.

Job Requirements
1. Education – Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s degree in Health Administration, or related field required or 7 years of executive leadership role may substitute for degree.
2. Experience – 10 years progressively responsible experience in primary care, public health, clinic or related field, which includes 7 years of executive leadership experience.
3. Other Requirements - Valid Washington Driver’s License.
Location: Seattle, WA 98104
Status: Open


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