Seattle Indian Health Board
Job Description: The Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP) is responsible for the delivery of effective treatment services to the assigned caseload(s), participation in the development and design of effective treatment and prevention activities, delivery of Alcohol/drug education services to patient, family, and community, and the responsibility for case management relating to counselor and patient activities.


The Chemical Dependency Professional (CDPT) will work under the direct supervision of the clinical lead performing clinical functions together until such time as clinical competencies are documented sufficient to allow you to perform them independently. In accordance with WAC 388-877-0520, requirements state that monitoring and signature of supervisor be on all written documents that are entered into patient charts. Agency will adhere to WAC 388-877 relating to supervision of CDP trainees. All duties will be performed under direct CDP supervision. Listed below are the general duties of this position.
Location: Seattle, WA


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