HRSA Postpones Timeline for Auto-HPSA Update to July 2017

Earlier this year, HRSA and the Bureau of Health Workforce (BHW) announced a major change effective July 1, 2017 in how Community Health Centers automatic HPSA scores would be done for primary care, dental, and mental health. Changes included using census data and defining a score for each individual clinic location within the CHC’s approved scope of project vs. one score for the entire CHC as it is done currently.

We’ve recently learned that HRSA/BHW has decided to postpone these proposed changes on to an unknown future date. It is also unknown at this time how this postponement will affect the CY 2018 National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment cycle. If your CHC wishes to update your automatic HPSA score, you can continue to use the manual process. Contact HRSA/BHW directly at

FYI – current HPSA scores can be found at: