Community Health Centers (CHCs) are a crucial aspect of the health care safety net, and knowledgeable, skilled, and versatile managers and supervisors are key to your organization’s ability to successfully serve your patients and community. This course is an intensive two-day management skills program that will cover employee engagement, communication, behavioral interviewing, conflict resolution, finance and more. It concludes with a capstone project that will put into action what you have learned back at your health center. This course is designed to meet the specific needs of CHC mid-level managers and supervisors by providing hands-on management skill building for immediate implementation to strengthen both your teams and your organization!

Build skills to:

  • Use behavioral interviewing techniques to hire employees with the right skills and organizational “fit” for the long term
  • Communicate for results that build trust and de-escalate conflict
  • Effectively coach and develop employees and drive their accountability
  • Increase employee engagement and deliver results through ongoing performance management
  • Financial Management skills
  • Manage, lead and retain flexible, responsive, satisfied, and customer-focused teams