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document Outreach & Enrollment Best Practices for Washington Community Health Centers ( docx, 14 KB )
pdf Washington Apple Health Overview For Non-Citizens” Dody McAlpine & Francesca Matias, Washington State Health Care Authority ( pdf, 1.25 MB )
pdf “Challenges, Opportunities And Strategies To Enroll And Connect To Care Farmworkers and Their Families” Alexis Guild, Farmworker Justice ( pdf, 1.94 MB )
pdf “Electronic Enrollment Outreach: Reaching Patients through the Web, Email, Text, Voice and Social Media” Phillip Bergquist, Michigan Primary Care Association ( pdf, 4.04 MB )
pdf “HBE Updates” Kelly Boston, Washington Health Benefit Exchange ( pdf, 666 KB )
pdf “Health Reform In Washington - Eligibility and Enrollment 2014: Underserved and Special Populations” Northwest Health Law Advocates ( pdf, 760 KB )
pdf “Health Resources And Services Administration Outreach And Post Enrollment Debrief” Sharon Turner, Health Resources and Services Administration ( pdf, 1.36 MB )
pdf “Healthcare in the Pulpit Faith Leader Toolkit” Ezra Watland, Enroll America ( pdf, 4.86 MB )
pdf “Homeless Outreach” - YNHS Homeless Outreach ( pdf, 3.17 MB )
pdf “How To Have A Conversation About Enrollment Workshop: Learning the Soft Skills” Kathleen Clark, WACMHC ( pdf, 2.15 MB )
pdf “Medicaid Plan Choice Workaround” Erin Reidy and Sylvia Gil from Community Health Network of WA and Shirley Prasad from WACMHC ( pdf, 1.21 MB )
pdf “Medicare, SHIBA & the Exchange” Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisor ( pdf, 1.30 MB )
pdf “Migrant Farmworkers’ Families: Eligibility Across State Lines” Jennifer Freeman, Coordinated Care ( pdf, 1.84 MB )
pdf “Outreach and Enrollment Playbook for Washington” Phillip Bergquist, Michigan Primary Care Association ( pdf, 3.17 MB )
pdf “Outreach Planning 2.0: Reaching and Engaging Consumers” Ezra Watland, Enroll America ( pdf, 1.40 MB )
pdf “Qualified Health Plan Selection: Considerations for Consumers” Melinda Dutton and Dori Glanz, Manatt Health Solutions ( pdf, 794 KB )
pdf “Reconciliation of Advance Premium Tax Credits: Considerations for Consumers” Melinda Dutton and Tanya Schwartz, Manatt Health Solutions ( pdf, 656 KB )
pdf “Refugees And Asylees 101 + Other Interesting Facts” Lisa Pan & Jennifer Malloy, Washington State Dept. of Social and Health Services, Office of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance ( pdf, 1.90 MB )
pdf “What Is The Administration For Children And Families?” Angelica Gutierrez, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families ( pdf, 2.18 MB )
pdf “What’s the Message? Enroll America’s Public Education Research” Jesssica Kendall, Enroll America ( pdf, 2.49 MB )