To strengthen and advocate for Washington's Community Health Centers as they build healthcare access, innovation and value. 

At the Washignton Association for Community Health, we bring community health centers together to collaborate and expand access to high-quality healthcare statewide. We help community health centers navigate state policy, provide evidence-based healthcare, and problem solve as a group. 

The Washington Association for Community Health is a one of the 52 state and regional federally-funded primary care associations that report to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as the major support for the nation’s community health center system. 

Washington's community, migrant, urban Indian and international health centers serve more than 1,092,000 residents at over 300 clinic sites. These Health Centers are directed by local consumers and respond to the needs of the communities served; offering primary, preventive and supportive health services. 

Values of The Association 

Creativity: We develop and deliver exceptional products and services through innovative thinking and doing build on divergent viewpoints, thoughtful risk-taking and honest customer feedback. 

Equity: We intentionally build a workforce reflective of the community we serve, conscisoulsy embracing diversity of cultural background, race, ethnicity, disability, age, genter identity and sexual orientation. 

Integrity: Because we believe our work matters, we infuse our efforts with honesty, professionalism and competence. 

Service: We fulfill the expressed needs and goals of our members with relevant resources and effective programs, meaningfully delivered, and build on well-informed, timely and practical work. 

Stewardship: To ensure the long-term common good of Washington's community health centers, we consistently work to build on our strengths, shore up our weaknesses and make the most of our resources. 

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  Mailing Address: 101 Capitol Way N, Suite 201, Olympia, Washington 98501
  Phone: 360.786.9722

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